Website Load Testing

Test website traffic capacity and find bottlenecks, so you can launch new sites and applications with greater confidence.

Website Load Testing Solutions

Neustar website load testing helps you get in front of trouble. Our platform is built to test website traffic capacity and identify bottlenecks so you can be ready to launch new applications.

Address All Types of Issues

Tackle performance problems such as bandwidth limitations, error rates exceeding thresholds, server PU limitations and much more.

Test the Largest Loads

Neustar Security website load tests are cloud-based, you can generate nearly infinite amounts of simulated website traffic from a huge pool of IP addresses, at the best possible price.

Diagnose Accurately

With real browser testing and granular reporting, identify performance problems with greater accuracy. Make the right fixes, instead of spending unnecessarily on hardware and bandwidth.

Make the Complex Simple

Like our website monitoring services, Neustar’s load testing uses the Selenium open-source framework for browser automation. If you already work with this popular toolkit, you’ll find scripting easier than ever.

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Five good reasons to start load testing your website now!


Be proactive.

Find website performance issues – and fix them – before your next site launch or sales event.

Protect revenues.

If online sales make or break your bottom line, website load testing is the most recommended way to prepare your site.

Find performance bottlenecks.

Remove barriers to the user experience. Today’s consumers have zero patience for under-performing sites.

Gauge website capacity under load.

Know exactly how your website will perform on Black Friday, Cyber Monday or your average Wednesday.

Optimize your site.

Besides helping you identify and remediate performance bottlenecks, website load testing can suggest improvements that make a bottom-line difference.

On-Demand Load Testing

Run your tests on your own schedule.
Gain the flexibility to do testing 24/7. Easily convert your existing scripts on our Selenium-based platform. The MySQL export feature allows you to download data into your database for further analysis. Granular reporting down to the object level lets you diagnose problems with greater accuracy.


On-Demand Packages
Basic Advanced Pro
Ideal for start-ups and smaller businesses with modest website traffic.
Ideal for established businesses with slightly higher traffic volumes.
Ideal for businesses whose website traffic reflects faster growth.
"We felt much more confident as we entered the holidays. We delivered on what we feel our customers expect and deserve — nothing less than a world-class ecommerce experience."
Dave Cumberland
VP of Engineering, Shopatron

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