Why Does Enterprise DDoS Protection Matter More Now?

DDoS attacks have been part of the landscape for so long they can sometimes be overlooked as a threat. And because they are cyclical, an organization and its peers may not face an attack for years, making them easier to dismiss.

­If you haven’t tested your mitigation capability recently – or been the victim of an attack – you probably don’t know how well you can detect and respond to one, which could put your organization at risk.

­But in important ways, DDoS attacks are changing as attackers try new strategies and techniques. Malicious actors have assembled larger botnets to launch larger sustained attacks and adopted quick-moving “carpet bombing” attacks against multiple targets in serial to evade detection. They constantly explore new attack vectors that can exploit different vulnerabilities, and they seek to do more damage than simply bringing down a victim’s website.

3x more DDoS attacks? Yes, and there is no slow down.

The pace of attacks is rising steadily. Neustar Security Services saw a three-fold increase in the number of attacks in 2021. Other security sources also reported all-time highs. The 2021 surge is part of an ongoing trend; in 2020 we saw attacks increase by 151% over 2019. There is no indication the pace is slowing down.

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