What Is The Most Effective Cloud Strategy For Modern Enterprise Networks?

The trends affecting IT enterprise networks outlined at the beginning of this paper are unlikely to slow down, let alone reverse direction.

They include:

  • Accelerating digital transformation
  • Increased utilization of cloud resources and web applications
  • Increasing reliance on open-source software and repositories. Growing numbers of IoT devices with uneven security protections
  • Realigned workforces and changing network access patterns

These developments have affected every enterprise, driving an unprecedented expansion of the network edge that IT security teams must defend while increasing network complexity and the chance of inadvertent misconfigurations.

Cloud-based security services can provide essential additional protection in the layered security posture that every enterprise employs against attacks. They extend defenses into the same cloud environment that has introduced new vulnerabilities. Since these vulnerabilities will only increase with time, every enterprise should consider the value that cloud-based security services can add to their IT defenses and begin evaluating providers to identify potential partners.

With an integrated suite of network and application security solutions including DDoS protection, a Web Application Firewall, bot management, and DNS services – supported by a long-standing commitment to the highest levels of excellence in security expertise and customer service – Neustar Security Services should be included in your evaluations.

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