Securing DNS By Design

3 Critical Protections from Your DNS Service:

How Your Service Provider Can Protect Your Enterprise


DNS is both a target and a channel for threats that range from DDoS attacks aimed at DNS servers to cache poisoning and DNS tunneling, to domain hijacks.

2022 research from IDC reveals that organizations reported an average of 7 DNS attacks over the previous 12 months, with 88% reporting at least one.

Cost per attack: $942,000

That’s why it’s so important to incorporate strong security practices in your DNS service.

This free whitepaper details how best practices from your DNS service provider can deliver critically important core protections that cover:

1. DNS availability and integrity, so it works reliably for your users, customers, and applications

2. Your network and your team, so they’re safer from phishing, malware, and cache-poisoning

3. Your customers and users, so they have safe, positive website experiences

Download this new whitepaper to see how these protections counter specific DNS threats and make every digital interaction with your enterprise safer, more secure, and more satisfying.

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