Deal With Cyber Risks Before The Attack With Protective DNS


Enterprises face challenges in moving business initiatives forward in the face of cyber threats. With changing hybrid work models, increasing concerns around the detection and mitigation of supply chain attacks, the ever-increasing risks from malware, ransomware, and phishing attacks, and the sheer cost of addressing data breaches and “clean up” post-attack protecting the enterprise, its users, and devices constantly requires the right processes, procedures, tools, and solutions.


DDR is DNS Detection and Response, a protective DNS layer.

DDR provides a Protective DNS solution that enables enterprises to get in front of threats by blocking communication before damage can occur.


Neustar Security Services believes a paradigm shift is required to effectively counter adversaries and address security in today’s world. Focusing on attacker infrastructure instead of each discrete exploit enables a new and next-generation approach to proactively identify, counter, and mitigate attacks. UltraDDR delivers the confidence to move today’s business initiatives forward.

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