Webmetrics Web Performance Monitoring

Protect Your Web Presence

When your corporate web properties can’t be accessed or load slowly, customer satisfaction drops and your bottom line is impacted as well. Webmetrics-WPM monitoring services enable you to protect your web presence by finding and fixing performance problems faster.

With monitoring agents located across the globe and on multiple networks, both synthetic programmable agents and browser-based performance metrics, Neustar provides a holistic view so that you can see what your customers see. Webmetrics-WPM intelligent alerting lets you remove inhibitors before customers are affected.

Find and Fix Performance Problems Fast

Find the widest range of web performance issues, application issues, or web services issues. Extensive diagnostics and multi-cloud views give you a holistic perspective both inside and outside the firewall. Configure monitoring alerts to interpret errors and automatically make contingency decisions which can also be extended to third-party platforms and tools.

Alerts and Remediation
Script alerts to identify problems with connectivity, time-outs, SLA violations and more. Create contingency plans to remediate issues faster.

Real User Measurements
See what your customers see using using browser-based performance data.*

Multiple Browser Support
Monitor agents can be configured to run the Firefox or Chrome browsers, or both, allowing you to compare how performance varies from one browser to another.

Internal Monitoring
Optional Private Agents collect availability and performance data from anywhere in your infrastructure, both external and internal, for flexible monitoring configurations.

Global Perspectives
With agents on six continents and hosted on multiple network providers, our monitoring network gives you a global view of site performance.

The service runs entirely in the cloud, which means that you don’t have to deploy or maintain agents and you can view your data using any browser and any OS, including Windows, Mac OS, and Linux.

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“The sky’s the limit on how you can slice the data and get extremely accurate views of your site performance.”

Jason Priebe, Technical Director, CBC New Media


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