High Performance DDoS Mitigation

For network and core infrastructure teams responsible for providing secure, uninterrupted access to online accounts and resources, seamlessly delivering OTT content and live streaming media to subscribers has to happen — even in the midst of a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack. Neustar NetProtect™ provides a secure, easy-to-configure cloud solution that supports over 100 Gbps of clean data bandwidth. It directly connects to the Neustar UltraDDoS Protect platform from more than 500 global data centers.

NetProtect ensures that no matter where your organization is located, in a major metro area or smaller city, or how demanding your performance requirements are, we can connect our dedicated multi-terabit scrubbing centers to one or more global data centers. This allows us to seamlessly return clean traffic to your organization and enables you to maintain an exceptional online customer experience.

Dedicated Global Multi-Terabit DDoS Mitigation Network

Neustar has the industry’s largest network, with 14 global data centers and 12+ Tbps of scrubbing power to deliver unmatched DDoS mitigation and application layer security. This means that no matter where an organization is located, we have a Neustar scrubbing center strategically located to ensure minimal latency.

Direct Connection at 500+ Data Centers Around the World

Neustar has strategic relationships with data center and network providers with a presence in more than 500 on-net data centers around the world. This means we can directly connect our dedicated multi-terabit scrubbing centers to one or more of these global data centers, allowing us to seamlessly return clean traffic to organizations in both major metropolitan centers and smaller cities.


Industry Leading 100 GBPS Connectivity

Once traffic is cleaned at one of our dedicated scrubbing centers, the next step is to get the traffic back to you as quickly and efficiently as possible. Since many of our customers have high-performance requirements to ensure a seamless customer experience, we can provide connectivity to over 100 Gbps of clean data bandwidth. This means there is no need to rely on complicated-to-configure, bandwidth-limited tunneling protocols to return clean data.

24/7 Security Operations Center Support

Neustar’s SOC is always available, staffed by senior-level DDoS mitigation professionals who have the expertise, skills and tools to thwart even the most sophisticated cyberattacks.


Secure Return of Clean Traffic

Neustar NetProtect is designed to complement Neustar UltraDDoS Protect, our DDoS mitigation solution that protects against web application attacks.

NetProtect solves the problem faced by large enterprise organizations that have been looking for an alternative to using complicated-to-configure tunneling protocols. Many companies have been struggling to find a trusted, secure solution that doesn’t necessitate an overlay network on top of the physical network. Directly connecting to defense networks, rather than routing through tunnels, allows for greater cybersecurity and less intrusive protection in order to mitigate attacks. And, NetProtect doesn’t require additional software or hardware to transfer data across networks, making it easier to integrate into existing network infrastructure.

By strategically situating the NetProtect network directly inside data centers, we reduce or entirely avoid, the latency and complexity issues that are commonly associated with tunneling protocols.

Graphic: Neustar SiteProtect NG Dedicated Global Scrubbing Center Network

NetProtect direct connections at data centers around the world mean there is no need to rely on bandwidth-limiting tunneling protocols to return clean data.


Why Neustar?

Holistic DDoS Protection: Neustar can provision UltraDDoS Protect to defend standard TCP-based applications, including websites, email servers, APIs, databases and more. Providing coverage against dozens of protocols and the widest array of attack vectors, Neustar NetProtect quickly and efficiently returns clean data to organizations with environments where low-latency and high-bandwidth are critical.

99.999% Uptime Guarantee: Neustar offers service-level agreements that guarantee quick response times, promising DDoS mitigation beginning between 5 to 15 minutes after detection of a cyberattack. And we provide an industry-leading 99.999% platform availability guarantee.

Powered by People, Proven by Practice: Neustar Security Operations Centers are fully manned 24/7 by senior-level DDoS mitigation professionals. The countermeasures, processes, and practices built from more than a decade of thwarting DDoS attacks makes Neustar your best partner to monitor and responds to threats. Our experts have the flexibility to change defenses as cyberattackers launch assaults using multiple tactics from multiple vectors with multiple motives.

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