High Performance DDoS Mitigation

For network and core infrastructure teams responsible for providing secure, uninterrupted access to online accounts and resources, seamlessly delivering OTT content and live streaming media to subscribers has to happen — even in the midst of a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack. Neustar Security Services NetProtect™ provides a secure, easy-to-configure cloud solution that supports over 100 Gbps of clean data bandwidth. It directly connects to the UltraDDoS Protect platform from more than 500 global data centers.

NetProtect ensures that no matter where your organization is located, in a major metro area or smaller city, or how demanding your performance requirements are, we can connect our dedicated multi-terabit scrubbing centers to one or more global data centers. This allows us to seamlessly return clean traffic to your organization and enables you to maintain an exceptional online customer experience.



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