UltraDNS Public Delivers Fast And Secure Performance

A recursive server is the first step of all Internet activity, as it begins and ends the DNS resolution process that directs users to the resources they seek online. However, recursive servers have generally been left to Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to maintain and upgrade on a ‘best efforts’ basis, which leads to slow response times and occasional failures. As businesses and consumers demand faster responses and reliability, Neustar Security Services’ UltraDNS Public is essential in delivering fast and secure performance across the internet. Provided free of charge, Neustar Security Services UltraDNS Public utilizes the same 30 node UltraDNS authoritative network, which utilizes Ultra Resolver – proprietary technology that avoids the performance and security issues associated with BIND, which is typically deployed by ISPs for recursive DNS services.

UltraDNS Public Provides

Reliability & Performance

For users that want reliable and fast DNS lookups without blocking any specific categories.

Domain Protection

For users who want protection against malicious domains for security purposes.

Family Secure

For families that want to ensure children don’t have access to mature content.

Business Secure

For businesses that want to ensure employee productivity by blocking unwanted and time-wasting content.

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