UltraDNS² FAQs

What is UltraDNS2?

UltraDNS2 adds an independent global anycast edge network (UltraDNS2) alongside the existing UltraDNS platform, to provide a highly redundant active-active second provider, backed by a single vendor. UltraDNS2 delivers identical product features, billing, and reporting as UltraDNS.

What is the benefit of getting a second DNS network?

There are many advantages to a second DNS network; the main benefit is to meet business continuity and disaster recovery goals for DNS resolution services to significantly reduce risk of operational and resolution failure.

Can I use UltraDNS2 as my secondary network if I have another provider for my primary network?

At this time you must be an UltraDNS customer to use UltraDNS2.

How many Edge Nodes will the second network for UltraDNS2 support?

UltraDNS2 will have a minimum of 18 points of presence located with geographic and Internet topology diversity at the forefront of location selection. POPs are distributed as follows: North America: 5, Europe: 4, Asia: 4, South America: 2, Africa: 1, Middle East: 1, Oceania: 1.

Is UltraDNS2 protected from DDoS attacks?

Yes, UltraDNS2 will mitigate attacks utilizing the UltraDDoS Protect platform. UltraDDoS Protect offers 15+ Tbps of DdoS mitigation, one of the world’s largest dedicated data scrubbing networks.

Does UltraDNS2 support an API and Reporting like the UltraDNS network?

Yes, the UltraDNS2 single pane of glass supports common API and reporting functionality across both networks.

Can UltraDNS2 users be isolated from other customers?

Yes, UltraDNS2 has the option to have isolated nameservers per customer at an additional cost. This eliminates “noisy neighbor” issues and significantly reduce the risk of collateral damage due to attacks on other customers.

Would UltraDNS advanced records would work on UltraDNS2?

All UltraDNS advanced features work seamlessly across both networks.

Does the same network operations team operate both UltraDNS2 networks?

No, separate operational teams run each network.

What is the customer support provided to UltraDNS2 customers?

The Neustar Security Services DNS support team will provide phone, ticket, and email support to customers 24x7x365 to address any issues that customers may encounter.

Are software releases completed simultaneously in UltraDNS and UltraDNS2?

No, while we have complete confidence in our quality assurance testing team, we will stage release software updates to each of the UltraDNS2 networks separately to avoid the possibility of introducing issues to both networks at once.

Would UltraDNS2 have prevented the May 6th issue?

Yes, the May 6th issue was due to the addition of a new customer zone that introduced configurations that triggered a bug in the UltraDNS system causing degradation in the UltraDNS nameserver network. In the UltraDNS platform, most customers share common nameserver instances. In UltraDNS2 , customers are placed in very small and isolated groups, significantly reducing the risk and impact of this class of “noisy neighbor” problem.

Is having a single pane of glass solution for UltraDNS2 something to worry about?

UltraDNS2 provides independence and isolation where it’s most valuable, at the DNS resolution edge. It enables lower operating cost to customers by driving the DNS content delivered by both networks from a single control plane, API and portal. UltraDNS2 customers receive the benefits of a second DNS provider without the effort of managing multiple control interfaces, and often incompatible advanced features.


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