No downtime, no problem. Silverstring protects its website and customers.

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The Challenge

For Silverstring, their value proposition rests on two simple premises: Protect and manage spiraling volumes of data without incurring growing costs and increased risk. As the custodians for more than 50 PetaBytes (the equivalent of 100,000 GigaBytes), of data for their global customer base, Silverstring, and the clients they serve, necessitate a top-tier network performance that is both reliable and capable of scaling.

However, those three items – network performance, reliability, and scalability – were not always a given on the single premise main server they were using. With no redundancy lined up or backup available, Silverstring was only one inoperable server away from every digital businesses’ nightmare – downtime.

Why Neustar Security Services?

When it came time to find a DNS provider that was capable of meeting their needs, Anton James, IT manager at Silverstring, had this to say: “We looked at various DNS providers before choosing Neustar UltraDNS. And one of the things that swayed the decision was Neustar’s UK presence. Having the ability to pick up the phone and speak to experienced engineers was a serious value-add.”

In addition to readily available customer support, Neustar Security Services UltraDNS provides 100% website availability, scales to meet demand and delivers built-in security against malicious DDoS attacks; a key benefit to Silverstring.

“Neustar UltraDNS secures the external points on the apps that our customers use,” James said. “This means we’re confident that we are delivering the most secure service possible,” he added.

Backed by a powerful global directory platform with no single points of failure and a highly redundant network, Neustar Security Services UltraDNS features thirty nodes across six continents to ensure Silverstring can deliver solutions for their international customers quickly and efficiently.

The Results

“Neustar UltraDNS was a godsend,” James exclaimed. On average, James said UltraDNS saved him 10 hours per month on general IT administration, and he no longer has to check multiple internal name servers for name changes that might affect external facing applications, or fight to be removed from blacklists.

As a company that prides itself on addressing the serious challenges of managing and protecting their clients’ data, Silverstring rests assured of their future and abilities. For Silverstring, that confidence stems from the performance, availability, and security that come standard with Neustar Security Services UltraDNS.

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“Neustar UltraDNS secures the external points on the apps that our customers use. This means we’re confident that we are delivering the most secure service possible.”

Anton James, Silverstring IT manager


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