Learn How Artmotion Is Using UltraDDoS Protect DDoS Mitigation to Protect Customer Websites Against Attacks

The Challenge

Artmotion is a privately owned cloud service provider dedicated to delivering secure, state-of-the-art hosting, server and datacenter solutions. Based in Switzerland, the company serves a long list of multinational enterprises, including Fortune 500 corporations, in more than 30 countries spanning five continents.

“Artmotion is absolutely committed to providing the highest standards of data security and protection,” says Mateo Meier, the company’s founder and CEO. Information stored in the company’s data centers in Zurich, the global center for banking and finance, is subject to Switzerland’s strict security and privacy laws, which Artmotion rigorously supports. In addition, the company’s solutions are further protected by robust, military-grade encryption, adding multiple layers of additional security.

As a trusted partner to leading global businesses, Artmotion must provide its clients with continuous, uninterrupted access to their data. Consequently, the company must ensure its website and digital presence are protected against distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks, which could take it offline.

The Neustar Security Services Solution

Like virtually every major online enterprise, Artmotion had experienced multiple DDoS attacks over its twenty-year history. Relying on its own capable internal security operations team, the company had been able to defend its assets successfully against smaller attacks using local applied solutions, with no service interruptions.

When Artmotion was hit by more significant attacks, however – some of which lasted weeks at a time – the internal team was challenged to mitigate the threats using the tools they had available.

Company leaders recognized that they needed additional resources and specialized expertise to mitigate these extensive attacks and prevent service interruptions. “We experimented with various security solutions,” explains Meier, “but we weren’t entirely satisfied with the applied solutions on offer.”

After these initially unsuccessful efforts to identify a suitable solution in the market, Artmotion engaged Neustar Security Services Professional Services for an in-depth assessment. “Neustar’s technology experts conducted a thorough review of our infrastructure and gave us a series of recommendations,” says Meier. “We reviewed them, and decided to deploy Neustar security solutions across our datacenters.”

The Outcome

Meier is confident that Artmotion made the right decision in choosing Neustar Security Services for DDoS mitigation services.

“Since the beginning of our relationship, Neustar has consistently helped us mitigate attacks efficiently and effectively,” he explains. “Their 24/7 support channels allow our team to contact their security operations center almost instantly during an attack, and fine-tune security measurements and responses.”

Since implementing the Neustar Security Services solution in 2015, Artmotion has experienced more than 35 DDoS attacks, ranging in size and ferocity from 1.2 GB/s and smaller to over 105 GB/s, with no ill effects. Even the largest DDoS attack in Switzerland’s history did not impact Artmotion’s day-to-day operations or compromise the company’s critical infrastructure.

Meier also notes an important additional benefit: The deployment of Neustar Security Services security solutions has helped his company achieve total savings of US$100,000, thanks to improved performance against guaranteed SLAs.

“Neustar’s DDoS solutions have ensured business continuity and data security not only for us at Artmotion, but also for all our clients who depend on us,” Meier concludes.

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