Agari defends its customers against ever-more sophisticated phishing attacks backed by the reliability of Neustar Security Services UltraDNS

Business Objective

For Agari, business begins and ends with email safety – namely protecting businesses and their customers from harmful phishing attacks.

A wide array of industries – ranging from social media to financial services – count on Agari to protect their brand by ensuring the delivery of legitimate emails, while keeping malicious and spoofed emails at bay.

To that end, Agari requires an always-on web presence supported by a DNS solution that offers reliability, security and performance. Prior to the arrival of Chris Haag, Director, Engineering, Agari relied on a ‘one-shop kind of vendor’ for its security and DNS.

When a change to a misunderstood configuration option nearly led to an outage, Agari decided it was time for a change. Although customer impact turned out to be minimal, the possibility of unsatisfied customers existed, and action was needed.

The Neustar Security Services Solution

Utilize Neustar Security Services UltraDNS to ensure a secure and reliable online presence with optimal performance and built-in security.

When he was hired, Haag sought to bolster Agari’s DNS and defenses to ensure website performance and operability. “When I joined, given the background that we had issues with the previous vendor and given that we rightly perceive ourselves as a target of malicious activities, it made sense to send our DNS to Neustar,” Haag said.

With UltraDNS, Agari is now protected by top-tier DNS features such as:

  • Simple Failover. The ability to add a simple HTTP monitor to a single record and set up a failover IP should the target of record become unavailable.
  • DDoS Protection. UltraDNS protects against DNS-based attacks utilizing built-in security measures backed by a dedicated 24/7 DDoS response team.
  • DNSSEC Support. This extra layer of authentication helps prevent cache poisoning and the potential loss of sensitive information.
The Impact

“There hasn’t been any problem or issue since integration,” said Haag.

“Getting everything migrated over was fine. The facilitation process went very well, and running the DNS file is so easy and intuitive with Neustar’s tool.”

As phishing attacks continue to become more sophisticated and evolve, Agari is well positioned to defend and serve the thousands of brands and customers who rely on secure emails.

“I sleep well at night knowing we’re protected by Neustar,” Haag added.

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