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You need to ensure unimpeded gameplay while protecting player and game data and securing transactions. Your cyber defenses are critical.

Your website isn’t just the gateway to your brand experience; it is your brand experience. That gives you a lot to protect: Immediate player access from any location at any time. Responsive gameplay without delays or slow-downs. Sensitive player data. Your own proprietary data, including odds. Controls on game integrity. Millions of financial transactions.

All these attractive targets give cybercriminals more reasons to attack. With your infrastructure expanding in size and complexity – new processes and apps, new connections and devices, new vulnerabilities – the bad guys also have new opportunities, which they are exploiting. Attacks overall more than doubled in one recent quarter. Web application attacks more than tripled.

You need to strengthen your security posture – and our managed, cloud-based security solutions are the most effective way to do it. They ensure unimpeded access for players and partners while protecting data and assets across your entire hybrid infrastructure. Their capabilities are regularly updated to counter new and emerging threats as soon as they are identified. And they deliver the capacity to defend against massive and sustained attacks.


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Crucial Solutions for Your Business

  • Protect Player Data
  • Secure Digital Connections
  • Protect Web Apps Anywhere
  • Mitigate Any DDoS Ransom Attack

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