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Neustar Security Services Completes the Third Party Audit for UltraDNS and UltraDNS2



Neustar Security Services launched UltraDNS2 in August, combining the award-winning UltraDNS resolution network with a second global DNS anycast network operated by a leading anycast cloud provider. UltraDNS2 is the best solution for an enterprise that wants to protect its digital assets and maximize its internet uptime while maintaining maximum flexibility in administration and management. Since we launched, customers and prospects have wanted assurance that UltraDNS and UltraDNS2 platforms are separate infrastructures but provide the same technologies and a single pane of glass management.

Neustar Security Services provides DNS to the most prominent enterprises in the world, and to ensure our customers trust our services; we selected KirpatrickPrice to conduct a customized audit – an assessment of agreed upon procedures (AUP). We are proud to announce that we have completed the AUP related to the UltraDNS and UltraDNS2 Networks and Systems conducted in accordance with attestation standards established by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants in SSAE No. 18. 

During the AUP engagement, the primary goal was to review the similarities and differences related to the UltraDNS and UltraDNS2 platforms. A total of 23 procedures were reviewed during the AUP engagement. The AUP findings concluded these highlights:

  • UltraDNS and UltraDNS2 use multiple and disparate points of presence, multiple transit paths at each location, and anycast for the name server announcements.
  • UltraDNS and UltraDNS2 have the same advanced management features and can operate interchangeably.
    • UltraDNS and UltraDNS2 support similar API functionality for standard DNS functions such as provisioning and management.
    • UltraDNS and UltraDNS2 have a single pane of glass for administration.
  • UltraDNS and UltraDNS2 leverage distinctly unique name server routing announcement policies.
  • UltraDNS and UltraDNS2 operate as Active/Active, increasing not only intended resiliency, resolution footprint, and performance.
  • UltraDNS and UltraDNS2 leverage different operations teams supporting the infrastructure mentioned above, including network operations.
  • UltraDNS and UltraDNS2 share the same back-office administration for contracts, billing, reporting, and compliance.

At Neustar Security Services, we continue to provide our customers with transparency and visibility of all the products that we manage. Please get in touch with us if you'd like more information about the assessment's specific findings or if you'd like a copy to review.

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