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Neustar Security Services Reports Exceptional UltraDNS Customer Satisfaction

Survey results show record 95% overall satisfaction rate

Sterling, VA – Feb. 3, 2022 Neustar Security Services , a leading provider of cloud-oriented security services that enable global businesses to thrive online, received outstanding customer satisfaction scores in its latest survey of UltraDNS users.

UltraDNS is an enterprise-grade managed authoritative domain name system (DNS) service that securely delivers fast and accurate query responses to websites and other vital online assets, ensuring 100% website availability along with built-in security for superior protection.

Of the approximately 250 respondents to the survey, which was carried out in October and November of 2021 by Enterprise Research Group, an independent consumer research firm, 95% provided an overall satisfaction rating of 4 or 5 on a 5-point scale. Representative open-ended comments include “It is reliable, consistent and easy to use,” “The service is super resilient and always available, so I never have to call support,” and “Great service and support.”

“The 95% satisfaction rating is significant, representing a 7-percentage point increase from the results of the previous year’s survey, and an all-time high since we began conducting these twice-yearly surveys on behalf of the company in 2010,” said Andy Hessabi, Founder and President of Enterprise Research Group, a provider of market research and consumer insights services with a strong Technology industry focus. “This kind of increase in customer satisfaction ratings is almost unprecedented, and something we rarely see in our research with technology firms.”

UltraDNS received even higher scores on key performance indicators: 97% of customers were satisfied with the performance of UltraDNS, 96% were satisfied with its availability, and 92% were satisfied with the overall features and services of UltraDNS. Customers also appreciated the easy-to-use interface and positive support experience.

Customers indicated high satisfaction with individual products in the UltraDNS portfolio as well; four (Simple Monitoring, Simple Failover, Sitebacker and Traffic Controller) achieved a perfect 100%, and all had a satisfaction score of at least 92%.

In addition, 90% of customers said they were likely to recommend UltraDNS and 92% were likely to continue doing business with Neustar Security Services.

“In an increasingly interconnected world where businesses are expected to deliver seamless and secure online experiences, managing and securing DNS have become even more critical while the complexity of doing so has increased significantly,” said Carlos Morales, SVP, Solutions, Neustar Security Services. “We are proud to serve a growing base of Global 5000 customers who entrust UltraDNS to deliver the security, reliability and performance-driven DNS services they need to support their customers.”

Neustar Security Services, which has more than 17,000 DNS customers, launched the customer satisfaction surveys with the goal of establishing a baseline and then tracking overall customer satisfaction with UltraDNS and satisfaction with KPIs over time. The company wanted to monitor progress and identify any gaps in product and service performance, as well as obtain feedback to drive enhancements and better understand customer needs for new products and functionalities.

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