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A company’s online presence is critical in defining that customer’s brand. Whether it is your website, e-commerce site, service portal, gaming server, SaaS application, or other internet-facing services, your business is defined by the experience you give your users. To compete, your sites need to be available at all times, fast to respond, and secure with your customer’s data. DNS resolution is one of the essential components to ensure a flawless internet experience for users as it is how customers can find your online services.

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As cyberattacks against DNS services grow in number and sophistication, the cost of inadequate protection of online assets is rising as well. Organizations that engage in e-commerce are particularly vulnerable to a range of DNS-related threats, including hijacked DNS requests that redirect users to fraudulent pages (leading to lost sales and damage to the brand image), and DDoS attacks that lock out customers (at a cost of $3,500-$220,000 per minute in lost sales). E-commerce companies are not the only ones affected; the cost of downtime is rising steadily for all enterprises as businesses of all kinds become increasingly reliant on web-based technology.

Today, cybersecurity experts are now preparing not for an “if” but “when” an attack happens. They want to ensure their network is protected to detect an attack and to be able to mitigate it quickly without interruption to their services and, of course, their customers. The most important thing organizations can do to protect their authoritative DNS service is to implement redundant DNS solutions. Neustar Security Services UltraDNS2 was developed with this in mind.

Neustar Security Services, UltraDNS2 combines the award-winning UltraDNS resolution network with a second global DNS anycast network operated by a leading anycast cloud provider. UltraDNS2 provides the redundancy of having a separate network with all the advanced features and functionality of UltraDNS, giving you a single pane of glass to manage both your networks. One company, two networks for a complete DNS solution for your business.

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