UltraDNS Detection and Response (UltraDDR)

The Next Generation of Protective DNS

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Enterprises face challenges in moving business initiatives forward in the face of growing cyber threats. The corporate perimeter has drastically expanded as global workforces now utilize multiple devices to connect to the Internet – increasing your company’s exposure and risk. This expansion limits your visibility into the threats that are targeting and infecting your business, ultimately putting your organization in harm’s way. Protecting your company, users, and devices is a constant battle that requires the right processes, procedures, tools, and solutions.

Current approaches to address malware, ransomware, phishing, and supply chain attacks focus on being reactive. Neustar Security Services’ approach is fundamentally different. Instead of focusing on the already-impactful cyber attack itself, NSS focuses on what happens before the attack. UltraDDR concentrates on discovering and mapping this adversary infrastructure, which not only provides a fundamental advantage in detecting attacks in real-time but also results in shifting one’s security defenses from reactive to proactive and getting ahead of the attacker. UltraDDR leverages this authoritative knowledge of adversary infrastructure combined with communication pattern analysis in real-time to identify and prevent attacks before they happen to devices inside and outside your network.

Real-time observability is the key to being proactive and preventative.



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Key Features of UltraDDR

Protective DNS
Our adaptive policy engine uses years of historical domain data combined with real-time analysis of communication patterns to identify and prevent attacks before they start. Ensuring that users, devices, or servers can’t communicate with adversary infrastructure.

Comply with Acceptable Use Policies
Customize and easily enforce company-wide policies at the user level to improve productivity and ensure global workforces aren’t distracted by non-compliant sites.

Fast and Easy Deployment
Simply forward your recursive DNS traffic to the NSS platform to enforce corporate internet usage standards with a cloud-based, managed solution that ensures performance and security standards. There is no need for appliances, installations or additional configurations, saving time and money – all with the added benefits of a web-based portal, detailed reporting, and industry-leading SLAs.

Rock-solid DNS Resolver
UltraDDR consists of a highly reliable, global recursive DNS resolution network. Organizations can depend on UltraDDR for their recursive DNS needs thanks to our anycast resolution network with 27 nodes worldwide providing lightning-fast resolution regardless of where the organization is based. UltraDDR is a full DNS resolver solution, complete with advanced security features such as DNSSEC, DNS over HTTPS (DoH), and DNS over TLS (DoT). Additionally, UltraDDR includes built-in DNS DDoS protection via Neustar Security Services’ UltraDDoS Protect solution to quickly defend against attacks towards the UltraDDR DNS resolver network, ensuring that DNS resolution availability is not compromised.

With UltraDDR you can:

  • Block queries from bad domains and nameservers, preventing attacks from impacting you.
  • Stop ransomware, phishing, and supply chain attacks before they start. 
  • Employ a global network of secure recursive servers offering security, reliability, and performance.
  • Enforce corporate internet usage standards with category-based content web filtering and block/allow lists. 
  • Deliver company-wide protection at work, at home, and on the go.
  • Control costs by implementing a cloud-based solution.


NSA/CISA on Protective DNS

Click here to read the guidance NSA/CISA has on Protective DNS.

Neustar Security Services believes a paradigm shift is required to effectively counter adversaries and address security in today’s world. UltraDDR gives you the ability to get ahead of threats and attacks to deliver the confidence to move today’s business initiatives forward. Contact one of our representatives today to set up an UltraDDR demo for your enterprise.

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Questions? Click here for UltraDDR FAQs

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