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Cyberattacks across the industry are way up, but IT resources have lagged. You need to strengthen your protections now.

No industry was hit harder by the pandemic than travel and tourism. Revenues plunged, and an uneven recovery has strained financial and other resources almost as much as the pandemic itself. IT security teams have been challenged to strengthen their defenses to protect critical customer, financial and business data; safeguard transactions and prevent fraud; and mitigate sustained attacks that can block guests and partners from accessing your website.

At the same time, a rising tide of attacks is exploiting new vulnerabilities in your infrastructure introduced by web apps, IoT devices and the shift to hybrid environments, while using new cybercrime capabilities like botnets and tool kits. Incremental and patchwork security improvements are no longer enough to secure your digital assets and ensure uninterrupted access.

Our managed, cloud-based security solutions are answer you need. They can be immediately deployed to defend your website, with no capital outlays and no need to expand your IT team. They bring you the capacity to defend against massive and sustained attacks, with capabilities that are regularly updated to counter new and emerging threats. And they protect data and assets across your entire hybrid infrastructure while ensuring unimpeded access for guests and partners.

Crucial Solutions for Your Business

  • Protect Personal Identifiable Information (PII)
  • Detect and Manage Malicious Bots
  • Strengthen DNS Protection
  • Protect Web Apps Anywhere

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