Public Safety Entity Uses UltraDDoS Protect with UltraWAF for Ultimate Attack Response (a featured partner story)

The rapid implementation of UltraWAF stops attackers in their tracks while complementing UltraDDoS Protect for ongoing risk mitigation and peace of mind.

The Challenge

A public safety organization in the United Kingdom relies on their host partner UKCloud for safe, uninterrupted operations of citizen-facing websites for seamless public interactions and timely responses. UKCloud, a Neustar partner since 2016, offers UltraDDoS Protect to protect individual customers’ web services from malicious attacks, as well as volumetric DDoS attacks.

The public safety organization subscribes to UltraDDoS Protect for always-on protection for a number of services hosted on UKCloud. When the customer’s public began experiencing access issues, UKCloud was also alerted to virtual machine and network issues. The customer’s web services appeared to be under a sustained DDoS attack and not among the services covered by UltraDDoS Protect.

While investigating and bringing the affected web services under UltraDDoS Protect, Neustar Security Services and UKCloud discovered that they were dealing with a sophisticated application-level attack. The perpetrator constantly shifted their point of attack to evade mitigation measures, resulting in unpredictable access. This unpredictability further raised the risk of eroding confidence in the public safety organization as communications stalled and resources were stretched.

The Solution

“As powerful and dependable as UltraDDoS Protect is at defending against considerable volumetric attacks, the customer was now facing sophisticated, low-volume application-level attacks,” said Steve Lawrence, Chief Growth Officer at UKCloud. Neustar Security Services and UKCloud determined that augmenting existing security measures with UltraWAF could curb the assault. The partners immediately redirected the customer’s traffic through UltraWAF, but that step was just the beginning.

Under normal conditions, tuning a WAF to distinguish between normal and nefarious traffic takes several weeks and relies on baselining. “In the midst of an attack, we didn’t have the luxury of baselining against normal traffic,” explained Lawrence. “It took all the skill and expertise of Neustar Security Services’ security engineers to implement a rule set during an attack that would not only block malicious traffic but permit all good traffic to restore services to the public.”

The Results

In a matter of days, Neustar Security Services, UKCloud and the customer configured UltraWAF to protect their web services from both volumetric and application-level attacks, effectively putting an end to the persistent onslaught. “The collaboration between Neustar Security Services and UKCloud was commended by the customer at the highest level. This was a masterclass in two partner organizations working together to help a customer in need,” reflected Lawrence.

The experience also reinforced the importance of integrating WAF and DDoS mitigation security strategies before falling victim to an attack. The services are fundamental in protecting digital assets from external threats and having them in place provides organizations with confidence that they can securely provide the best experience and continuity of service for their users.

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