Tesco switched to Neustar Security Services UltraDNS for lower operating costs, more reliable customer service and 14-country scalability

Tesco is the UK’s largest grocery store and general merchandise chain and one of the biggest in the world, with stores in 12 countries across Europe and Asia. With online revenues continuing to grow in share, the Tesco team needed to incorporate a more scalable and reliable DNS solution.

“We had quite an aging platform for DNS,” said Paul Ellis, Network Manager, Tesco.com. “DNS was becoming more and more important, and we had the option of upgrading all our DNS platforms, but that would not have given us the guaranteed uptime we required.”

Scaling up and staying up

Switching to Neustar Security Services UltraDNS, whose global infrastructure has a presence on six continents, meant that Tesco was no longer limited as it planned for additional growth.

“Our business is growing rapidly and we won’t have to put in more name servers,” Ellis said. “DNS is one thing we don’t worry about.”

UltraDNS routes queries to the closest available network node, ensuring the quickest, most accurate DNS responses. Tesco also takes advantage of Neustar Security Services' load balancing services to coordinate traffic among various data centers, plus handle email lookups from overseas offices. Best of all, Tesco enjoys a 100% uptime guarantee.

“There hasn’t been any downtime,” Ellis said. “The service is incredibly seamless, with no issues and no headaches.”

Providing a better online customer experience

Tesco is also enjoying the benefits from faster resolution times. “Latency has definitely improved for our customers,” Ellis said. “We want them to have a good shopping experience, and having a good response time is an important component.”

UltraDNS has also lowered operating costs, eliminating several days per month of work in DNS maintenance, according to Ellis, as well as the hardware and software costs of an in-house upgrade.

“It is impossible to calculate the cost of a DDoS attack, but that figured into our decision,” Ellis said. At the end of the day, “we know this is better for our customers. We are providing better service now.”

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