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Security Advisory Services

Secure your networks and data with services that assess the vulnerability of your online systems, prescribe fixes for weaknesses and gauge performance so your digital presence is protected against cyber threats and provides customers uninterrupted experiences.

At Neustar Security Services, we have years of experience with cyber security. We use fully certified tools and processes to ensure that our clients’ networks and data are as secure as possible, and we couple that with a broad range of professional services to achieve the optimal IT strategy for your organization's needs. We offer security assessments and professional services to ensure that your systems and your data are as secure and reliable as possible.

Cyber Security Assessments

Meet compliance standards and sleep better at night by taking advantage of Neustar’s analysis tools. Our security engineers will perform a vulnerability assessment that identifies potential security holes in your network and applications, including patch levels, router configuration issues, and other potential problems.

Is there a weakness in your online systems? Could a hacker get into your web applications, mail server, and payroll or HR systems? Neustar also offers penetration testing, a more in-depth test that determines how deep your potential vulnerabilities may go. Our security engineers will assess and recommend ways to plug the holes. We also offer assessments for wireless networks, data systems, and social engineering (both physical and remote).

Vulnerability Assessment

We provide a detailed report outlining potential vulnerabilities such as security holes, patch levels, router configuration issues, and other potential problems within networks and applications. The report also includes proven and trusted recommendations and strategies to close any identified security gaps from our analysis. This report is limited to port scanning and intelligence gathering only.

Risk Mitigation Best Practices

Neustar engineers offer consulting on best practices to keep your network secure. After assessing your vulnerabilities, our engineers will propose processes that can keep your network secure, escalation paths for handling problems, methods of identifying and mitigating risks, security alerts and other things you can do to set up your infrastructure securely.

DNS Assessment

Our UltraDNS® service includes a DNS Audit that is a careful check of a customer’s DNS configuration. We answer specific customer questions, address specific customer requests and provide technical consultation to customers regarding network connectivity and telecommunication hardware and software. A DNS Assessment looks at a customer’s configuration, or a portion of it, and attempts to find issues which affect the customer (cost, data malfunctions and much more).

Product Guidance

The Neustar Professional Services Team specializes in offering world class services around deploying, sizing and configuring the Neustar suite of Security Products and solutions. Our goal is to enable our customers with the expertise to optimize their Neustar Products to best meet their business and security needs.

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Business Continuity Management

In addition to protecting your company from cyber threats, it’s important to have a Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plan with contingencies to access your most critical systems. Learn about Business Continuity Planning and the key components your company’s plan should include.

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