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You need to ensure your network is always accessible while protecting sensitive personal data. You need the strongest possible cyber defenses.

Your healthcare infrastructure doesn’t house huge amounts of credit card data or host millions of financial transactions – targets that typically attract cybercriminals. But it does offer special rewards for bad guys. First, stolen healthcare data commands the highest prices by far on the dark web; and second, you can’t allow a sustained attack to knock your network offline, leaving you vulnerable to extortion. No wonder attacks on healthcare organizations have risen twice as fast as in other sectors.

As the threats have multiplied, so have the vulnerabilities in your expanding infrastructure. The number of devices connected to your network, including IoT devices, is skyrocketing. You’re using many more web apps for everything from telehealth to inventory management – and most of them are reported to be vulnerable to attacks.

Our managed, cloud-based security solutions add essential additional protections to your security posture. They deliver the capacity to defend against massive and sustained attacks and are regularly updated to counter new and emerging threats. They protect sensitive data and safeguard assets across your entire hybrid infrastructure while ensuring unimpeded access for users and patients around the clock.

Crucial Solutions for Your Business

  • Protect Data and Applications
  • Secure Online Access
  • Mitigate Any DDoS Ransom Attack
  • Improve Website Performance

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