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Financial services is a magnet for vicious and costly cybercrimes. You need the most robust defenses available.

Financial services is the most targeted industry on earth for cybercriminals, and has been for years. It draws 30% more cyberattacks than any other sector. And it’s getting worse. Recent industry statistics show that threats are intensifying, with web app threats spiking, malicious bot attacks more than doubling, DDoS attacks tripling, and the costliest and lengthiest DNS attacks inflicted on any industry. Many of these threats are difficult or impossible to counter with traditional on-premise security solutions.

Your customers and partners aren’t thinking about that any of that. They simply want safe, responsive online experiences and secure transactions, every time they log on. They expect to be able to access their accounts any time, with no impediments ever. To make sure your site delivers on those expectations despite the constant and growing threats, financial services companies need strong IT security defenses.

But stronger is better, and our managed security solutions add crucial cloud-based protections for data and assets throughout your complex infrastructure that are otherwise difficult to defend, like web apps. They supplement on-premise security solutions with the massive capacity to mitigate large, sustained attacks, and they are regularly updated to counter new and emerging threats.


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Crucial Solutions for Your Business

  • Ensure Site Performance
  • Strengthen DNS Protection
  • Protect Web Apps Anywhere
  • Mitigate Any DDoS Attack

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