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Smaller volume, “under-the-radar” attacks have become increasingly common, simply because damage can be perpetrated on a targeted site without necessarily triggering on-demand defenses. Always-on deployment gives you peace-of-mind, and valuable insights into how much low-level attack traffic is traversing your site on a regular basis. Without quick DDoS detection and effective response, organizations can find themselves at the mercy of attackers. When the catastrophic happens, automation and control are needed to stay ahead of impact.

Neustar UltraDDoS Protect™ is the premier DDoS solution that your company needs. Whether an Always-on, On-Demand, Hybrid or On-Premises solution fits the requirements of your network security needs, we work with you to determine the right fit. With over 20+ years of DDoS mitigation experience and the flexibility to provide custom protection, it is clear why enterprises all over the world put their trust in us to secure their digital assets.

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Traffic Redirection Based on Your Needs

We offer the solution for cloud-based DDoS traffic redirection that best meets the needs of your company environment. Whether you are a large company with a number of BGP prefixes or a small company with just DNS records, Neustar Security Services protects your online presence and brand reputation.

DNS Redirection

When you’re hit by a DDoS attack, it’s easy to redirect your traffic through the UltraDDoS Protect™ cloud. This is done most frequently via a quick DNS change.

  • The simplest way to reroute traffic.
  • No special requirements.
  • Best for protecting a smaller number of hosts and websites that come under attack.
How It Works

When you’re under attack or anticipate one:

  • Switch the DNS records for any threatened hosts to your Neustar provided IP addresses.
  • Your traffic flows through the UltraDDoS Protect cloud, where bad traffic is filtered by the Neustar Security Operations Center (SOC) senior-level DDoS mitigation professionals; good traffic proceeds to your infrastructure.
  • Once the attack subsides, just switch your DNS records back to your original IPs.
Bottom Line:

DNS Redirection is quick, easy and effective with customized mitigation and support from our frontline experts. And you’re back up and running in no time. 

BGP Redirection

If your infrastructure is more complex, Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) Redirect can be a smart way to channel traffic through the UltraDDoS Protect™ cloud. To use BGP redirection you must have:

  • A /24 prefix, at a minimum.
  • A BGP (Border Gateway Protocol) and GRE (Generic Routing Encapsulation) capable router.
  • IP address space to terminate GRE tunnels that lies outside of the prefixes that you need defended.
How It Works

When you are under attack or anticipate one:

  • We will only scrub traffic on the inbound route, with outbound traffic generated by the client’s network going back to the Internet via a normal routing decision.
  • For affected /24 prefixes, you’ll withdraw BGP announcements from your routers.
  • From the UltraDDoS Protect network, our Security Operations Center will initiate BGP announcements for the affected prefixes.
Bottom Line:

Within minutes, UltraDDoS Protect will start to absorb the attack. Security Operations will oversee mitigation. Our network will send clean traffic to your infrastructure via GRE tunnels.

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