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The Voice of UltraDNS


UltraDNS has been the premium managed authoritative DNS solution in the market for over 20 years with a sterling reputation for quality, performance, and reliability. I heard of the "Ultra" brand well before coming to Neustar in January of 2021, and it's always been associated with market excellence.


Having been in the industry for a good while, not admitting how old I am, I appreciate the challenges of maintaining technology and brand leadership over the years, especially when facing new market entrants armed with new ideas and innovations every few years. This is a daunting task and history is littered with companies that could not maintain their edge.

An essential aspect of maintaining differentiation over the long run is consistently investing and innovating in the products and solutions you bring to market. However, just because you are investing doesn't mean that you are doing so in the right areas. Think of all the large, well-known technology companies that were once household names but have fizzled away over time. Certainly, they were investing and trying to innovate, but they failed to make the decisions that would keep them on top.

Threats to DNS are threats to your business


So what has kept UltraDNS at the top of its game all these years?

Well, it starts with the technology, UltraDNS resolvers and zone propagation capabilities are second to none. The people, a passionate group of DNS experts who care deeply about having the best service in the market, and the investment, millions of dollars annually put into R&D and network improvements. The secret sauce, though, is understanding where to apply innovations and improvements over time.

The UltraDNS team has done this by connecting with its market and customers. Understanding how customers use our solutions, their satisfaction level, business challenges, and technical challenges, and then discerning how we can help is a fundamental part of our development process at Neustar Security Services. The voice of our customers informs and validates our decision-making. We cultivate deep relationships with a variety of customers, and we make every effort to gain continuous feedback from our overall customer base. Our innovation process includes a continuous improvement program based on customer feedback. To that end, in 2010, we started conducting bi-annual surveys of our customer base to understand their level of satisfaction with our services, the feature/functionality, the onboarding process, the user experience, the reporting, and the support services they receive from us. We have just released the results of our May 2022 customer satisfaction survey here. It represents the opinions and perspectives of over 270 customers of UltraDNS, with 67% of the respondents representing larger enterprises with more than 1000 workers.


Customer satisfaction

I'm pleased to share that the survey results were extremely positive, with an overall satisfaction rating of 93% and a customer loyalty rating of 90%. Our customers consider reliability the most important aspect of an authoritative DNS service and performance the third most important aspect. We rated 96% and 95% in these respective areas. I'm thrilled to see that our customer service rated 95%, as it's clear that the passion and expertise of the support teams are shining through. People ultimately do business with people, so presenting a positive support experience is just as important as having great technology. Some of our features rated extremely high, with our traffic management features of Simple Failover at 96% and Traffic Manager at 95%. As a product leader, I'm very pleased to see that our customer satisfaction remains high and I'm proud to be a leader in a company that executes as well as we do and values our solutions.

I'd like to thank everyone that took the time to complete the survey and express their opinions. My most important takeaway from the survey comes from what we are not providing, what things are frustrating to customers, and where the primary areas of dissatisfaction are. My team and I look at these areas as we decide where to focus some of our future investments. Please keep the opinions coming; our promise to you is that we'll keep listening and acting. This ensures UltraDNS will remain the best solution in the market.


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