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Partner Spotlight: A Fireside Chat with DataSolutions


DataSolutions has been a leading value-added distributor of transformational IT solutions in the UK and Ireland since 1991. Their vendor portfolio includes innovators within the rapidly expanding areas of IT Security, Networking, Digital Workspace and Hybrid Multi-Cloud.

Now in their 32nd year of trading as a distributor, DataSolutions has made its mark by building a successful foundation on personal connection, exceptional service, and technical expertise. The company is known across the industry for delivering best-in-class service that enables partners to grow, sell more and future proof their business. Widely celebrated for their excellence in sales and marketing support and regarded by partners as trusted experts for the technologies they provide, DataSolutions strong reputation has led them to be recognized with numerous industry awards in both the UK and Ireland.

Neustar Security Services recently caught up with David Keating, Security Sales Director at DataSolutions, to learn more about the partnership and how together we strengthen cloud security for their reseller partners and across their end-users.

Why Neustar Security Services?

By partnering with Neustar Security Services, our reseller partners gain access to advanced security technologies, such as DDoS protection, advanced DNS services, and application security, that they can use to enhance their own products and services. In a world where cyberattacks are becoming more sophisticated and complex, resellers who partner with Neustar Security Services find this can help them to stand out in a competitive market and attract new customers.

Neustar Security Services is a leading vendor in this space and have a unique offering that we are excited to bring to our partners and to the market. They have been in business over 25 years and have many large, well-known names as customers, and are fully embracing a channel model. With more than three decades of experience and an extensive reseller network, along with our service-focused delivery, we are delighted to be NSS’ distribution partner in the UK and Ireland, and helping them scale their business.

Tell us about the value Neustar Security Services brings to your partners.

Within our cybersecurity solution portfolio, DataSolutions has a focus on Cloud Security and on products that help MSSPs. Neustar Security Services’ market leading range of cybersecurity solutions fits perfectly within our security pillars and complements our existing product portfolio.

The first is DDoS protection. NSS has the world’s largest dedicated DDoS scrubbing infrastructure with over 15TB of scrubbing capacity. No other organization has the facilities to better protect customers from DDoS attacks.

Alongside this, they run 48 POPs worldwide providing 100% DNS availability, which is becoming more important as customers move more resources into the cloud. Applications and platforms like Office365, MS Teams, Zoom, AWS and Azure all require a robust DNS service to make them available to users at all times. With a 100% uptime SLA, we feel this is a great add-on for our partners to add to their security practice. Not to mention the latest DNS service in the NSS portfolio, UltraDNS Detection and Response (UltraDDR). This new protective DNS offering will open more doors for our reseller partners with customers looking to detect and mitigate attacks before they happen; fast, reliable DNS resolution; and enforcing company acceptable use policy.

Neustar Security Services is a well-established and highly respected vendor in the cloud security space. By partnering with them, our resellers are able to offer their customers more comprehensive security solutions, which can help to improve their overall security posture and reduce their risk of cyberattacks. This can lead to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty, which can in turn drive more repeat business and new sales.

Moreover, working with a company like Neustar Security Services means we can give the resellers access to their expertise and knowledge in the security field, which can help them in technical development, and in positioning their offer as a professional service.

What are some of the new challenges you see in your market that the partnership with Neustar Security Services can solve?

As more and more companies have embraced cloud-based solutions such as Office 365, MS Teams and Zoom for basic day-to-day business communications, there is a greater need for robust DNS infrastructure. DNS is what makes your Teams call work or allows you to access your SharePoint or O365 inbox from anywhere, and many companies don’t give it the attention it deserves.

This is where UltraDNS and UltraDNS2 from Neustar Security Services plays a huge role for our resellers: by providing DNS security and reliability, combined with built-in DDoS protection to help defend against attacks on DNS infrastructure. Our reseller partners gain value from global load balancing and real-time traffic management all running on two separate custom built backbone infrastructures providing 100% uptime with its Active-Active architecture. Plus, security features like DNSSEC, DNS encryption, and authentication add an extra layer of protection to DNS traffic, which makes it harder for cybercriminals to intercept and manipulate DNS queries. This is a huge value-add to end users that require 100% uptime.

In 2023 as we embrace more working from home, remote working, hot desking, etc., keeping business communications up and running has to be one of the most important challenges to every business. With its UltraDNS, UltraDDR and UltraDDoS Protect solutions, Neustar Security Services helps us do just that.

What is something unique about DataSolutions?

At DataSolutions, our mantra is ‘Service Powering Success,’ and we have invested heavily in building a first-class customer-facing team who collectively deliver against this mantra. I believe our commitment to vendors, partners and ultimately the end customer sets us apart. That dedication to the success of our vendors and partners is big, but our commitment also extends to our incredible team of sales, marketing, and technical people.

People buy from people, and in our own daily lives we all want to interact with knowledgeable professionals who deliver an excellent service that is both accurate and timely. This is what Data Solutions delivers to our partners, and it has proven to be extraordinarily successful. In our 30+ years in business, we have built a strong understanding of the needs of the channel and developed a service-focused approach in supporting our partners to achieve faster, sustainable market penetration and maximise revenue. Our combined service offering provides our partners with first class customer service, technical excellence and support, and an unwavering commitment to helping partners grow their business. 

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