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Is Your DNS Dying? Let UltraDNS Bring it Back to Life.


Four years ago, Oracle announced the end-of-life of the Dyn Managed DNS services in favor of their Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI). Dyn was conceived as a community-led student project by Tim Wilde in 2001, grew rapidly through the next 15 years, and was acquired by the Oracle Corporation in 2016. Fast forward to 2023, and after a few extensions to the end-of-life date, it has been announced that May 31, 2023, will be the official retirement date for the Dyn Managed DNS service.

As a current Dyn customer, you must migrate to the OCI platform or find another authoritative managed DNS provider to serve your DNS needs. Working in the DNS industry for the past nine years, I know firsthand that migrating from one DNS provider to another can be a very stressful process. If it is not done correctly, your digital infrastructure and online presence can be disruptive and can affect your company's bottom line. Thankfully, you have a good option to turn to. UltraDNS has been successfully migrating customers for over 20 years providing enterprise-grade, cloud-based solutions that deliver security, reliability, performance, and everything you need in a DNS managed service. 

Why UltraDNS?

In a connected world where Internet users expect seamless and secure online experiences, DNS is vital, but has become more difficult and complex to manage.  It is extremely difficult for any organization to have dedicated and experienced DNS specialists in-house, let alone the resources required to manage and implement a sound strategy to meet today's Internet demands.

UltraDNS continues to lead the industry because we have optimized our infrastructure and services to provide fast, secure, and accurate query responses to websites and other critical online assets. Many fortune 500 and Alexa 100 companies count on UltraDNS to secure their connected world. 

UltraDNS is a trusted provider with 20+ years of proven experience and has all the tools, such as APIs, DevOps integrations, and zone bulk import functionality, to facilitate migration from Dyn quickly and painlessly. We also have a stable of experts that are ready and able to assist in this effort.

Dyn vs. OCI vs. UltraDNS

UltraDNS is an enterprise-grade, cloud-based authoritative DNS service that securely delivers fast and accurate query responses to websites and other vital online assets.

With UltraDNS, you will take advantage of built-in security features such as DNSSEC management, Nameserver segmentation and integrated DDoS mitigation through UltraDDoS Protect. DNSSEC protects you from some of the worst attacks, including cache poisoning and DNS hijacks. Dyn does offer basic DNSSEC, but OCI has publicly stated that they do not support DNSSEC.

UltraDNS utilizes advanced traffic management services such as SiteBacker — Monitoring & Failover, Traffic Controller — Weighted Load Balancing, and Directional DNS — Geolocation-Based Routing to fully optimize your DNS performance. While Dyn and OCI offer traffic management services such as Traffic Director and Traffic Manager, they are very complex to set up. They do not provide the ability to configure edge case scenarios that UltraDNS advanced traffic management services can. An advantage of UltraDNS is that we can accommodate our customer's custom configurations.

With UltraDNS, you get detailed reports to fully understand your DNS ecosystem's performance through multiple delivery methods, such as the web report center, APIs, and real-time telemetry push notifications for various domain records, advanced traffic management services, monitoring and security events within UltraDNS. While Dyn supports a basic notification level, OCI has stated that they will not support Secondary DNS status notifications, zone publishing notices, or monitoring agent changes. 

Wrapping Up

The end-of-life date for Dyn is quickly approaching, and you need to decide whether to stay with OCI or find another DNS provider very soon. As you begin your search, look for a provider that can provide for all your DNS needs not only now, but most importantly, for the future DNS needs keep evolving daily. 

Contact us to learn how UltraDNS can help with your DNS needs and assist you through the migration process. We have a dedicated team of professional services that can orchestrate, manage, and deliver a seamless migration experience from Dyn over to UltraDNS.

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