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Customers Report Exceptional Satisfaction with UltraDNS



In 2010, we launched a twice-yearly survey of our UltraDNS customers with the goal of establishing a baseline and then tracking overall customer satisfaction, as well as satisfaction with specific UltraDNS key performance indicators (KPIs) over time. The idea behind the survey was to monitor our progress and identify any gaps in product and service performance, as well as obtain feedback that would help us better understand the needs of our customers – which today number more than 17,000 – and inform new products and features moving forward.

Our latest UltraDNS customer survey, carried out in October and November 2021 by independent consumer research firm, Enterprise Research Group, recorded all-time-high ratings for our enterprise-grade managed authoritative DNS service: 95% of the approximately 250 users who responded to the survey gave an overall satisfaction rating of 4 or 5 on a 5-point scale. This represents a 7% year-over-year increase, and an all-time high satisfaction score in the 12 years we’ve been conducting these surveys.

“This kind of increase in customer satisfaction ratings is almost unprecedented,” added Andy Hessabi, Founder and President of Enterprise Research Group. “It’s something we’ve rarely seen in our extensive research with technology firms.”

We received a lot of positive feedback in the open-ended comments section as well:

  • “It is the definition of reliability. Intelligent communications. I only recommend this company.”
  • “I have nothing but good experiences with UltraDNS to date.”
  • “The service is super resilient and always available, so I never have to call support. The service is also has very proactive monitoring which is a massive plus.”
  • “The interface is so easy to use and is intuitive, support has been phenomenal and DNS propagation always seems quick and reliable.”
  • “Support is always top notch and quick to respond. Services are solid and secure.”
  • “Any time I needed assistance they were prompt, courteous and knowledgeable.”

Scores on some of the specific KPIs were even higher than the overall satisfaction numbers: 97% of customers were satisfied with the performance of UltraDNS, 96% were satisfied with its availability, and 92% said they were satisfied with the overall features and services of UltraDNS.

Customers indicated all-time-high satisfaction with individual UltraDNS products as well; four achieved a perfect 100% (Simple Monitoring, Simple Failover, Sitebacker and Traffic Controller), and all had a satisfaction score of at least 92%.

What’s more, 90% of customers said they were likely to recommend UltraDNS to others and 92% were likely to renew the service.

The few lower ratings we received were driven mostly by needs for specific features or functionality. We’ll take this feedback to heart and look for ways to improve on these scores.

We also added a new question to this round of the survey, asking our valued customers what new features they’d most like to see in UltraDNS in the future – and the team has already begun working on a few product enhancements based upon that feedback.

If you’re an UltraDNS customer who completed the survey, thank you! The next round will take place later this spring, so keep an eye out for an email from Andy at Enterprise Research Group. We genuinely appreciate your feedback.

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