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Continuous Improvement Delivers New Features and Enhancements


As a global leader in cloud-based solutions that safeguard your digital infrastructure and ensure online access, we’re constantly working to improve the security, performance, reliability, and value of the services we provide. These are our most recently released enhancements.


For UltraDDoS Protect and UltraWAF

Executive Reporting

A polished, ready-to-run report now available through the portal that highlights key data on DDoS events and alerts and WAF and bot violations.

Better information for C-Suite and other enterprise leaders: Cloud-based solutions from Neustar Security Services respond to threats so quickly and effectively that customers sometime don’t realize they were attacked. The new executive reporting delivers an easy-to-access overview of threats and other events, for IT professionals in the trenches to share with organizational leadership as well as colleagues throughout the enterprise to support their IT goals.

Return Traffic Tunnel Status

Key data for all configured return traffic tunnels displayed on the user portal landing page, including:
  • Source and destination IP addresses
  • Tunnel status (e.g., active or inactive)
  • Traffic volume in bits

Immediate access to important operational data for security teams: This new informational listing provides immediate visibility into the status of return traffic tunnels, and makes it much easier to investigate any suspected traffic flow issues that may be associated with them.


New API for both UltraDDoS Protect and UltraWAF that utilizes the query language created and open-sourced in 2015, offering important benefits over REST:

  • Simpler to specify the exact data you need from the server and receive it in a predictable way
  • Easier front-end development with less code required to perform most functions
  • Easier consumption with no requirement to track API versions, as new fields can be added without versioning the API

Simpler, faster development and more predictable data for your teams: The GraphQL API makes it quicker and easier for software teams to develop and consume changes and enhancements, which in turn makes it simpler for your teams to access and incorporate data from your solutions. It will also support increased feature velocity for our applications.

Note: Find information and documentation at the bottom of the left column in the portal.

TLS 1.3 Support for Proxy Service

Enables the most secure TLS protocol which will be presented as part of TLS negotiation for all future sessions for UltraWAF proxy service.

Also customers can specify which TLS cipher suites are offered in negotiations for their service so less secure options can be excluded.

Provides the most secure, reliable encryption standards for critical internet communications: As the latest transport layer security protocol, TLS 1.3 removes older and more vulnerable cryptographic algorithms. It delivers the most secure option for internet-facing web services and enables enterprises to meet the strictest security, governance, and compliance standards.


For UltraDNS

Real-time Notifications

Effective telemetry delivering actionable data in real time for DNS administrators, and for incorporation into enterprise monitoring systems:

  • Visibility into all domain and record changes for your account
  • Delivered via webhooks to support IT security, change management, and reporting functions

Protects DNS zones from being deliberately or inadvertently compromised: Real-time data enables immediate intervention into any unauthorized, incorrect, or otherwise unexpected changes in your enterprise DNS. Webhooks transmit information automatically as soon as it’s available without requiring a request, so UltraDNS can now stream changes and events directly to your SIEM and other management tools for review and action if required.

UltraDNS Terraform Provider

Latest version of our Terraform provisioning tool for deploying, configuring, managing, and automating advanced capabilities of UltraDNS, including:

  • Monitoring and failover for both SiteBacker and Simple implementations
  • Load balancing for both Traffic Controller and Simple implementations

Simpler and more streamlined DNS deployment and management for web applications: With Terraform Infrastructure as Code (IaC), IT team can provision and adjust infrastructure across multiple cloud providers using descriptive entries in configuration files. If you use Terraform to provision applications, you can place UltraDNS descriptive entries in your IaC files to create or update DNS records associated with the applications exactly when intended. As a result, when an application is provisioned and ready, the authoritative DNS records are also ready.

Note: Learn about using Terraform here, or access our tool in the HashiCorp Registry here.

Reporting Performance Improvements

Significant, across-the-board improvements in UltraDNS reporting, for example:

  • Query analytics reports now return in seconds
  • Zone query analytics reports often return in less than a minute

Faster access to important DNS performance and configuration data: When you’ve created a query to retrieve data and reporting you need to review, you don’t want to wait. The significant improvements in UltraDNS reporting performance mean you’ll get detailed, accurate results with less friction and irritation.

Look for additional enhancements and performance improvements in UltraDNS reporting capabilities in the near future.

SERVFAIL vs. REFUSED Error Enhancement

Change in the response provided when a requested zone does not exist on UltraDNS nameservers from “SERVFAIL” to “REFUSE”.

Improved availability of UltraDNS service for all users: This change takes advantage of the caching mechanism in recursive resolvers to reduce wasted utilization of UltraDNS. Recursive resolvers cache the REFUSE error message, thereby preventing repeated queries for a zone that does not exist. The change reduces amplification and improves UltraDNS performance and availability.

These improvements are all currently operational. They are only the most recent examples of our ongoing commitment to deliver the highest standards of excellence in cloud-based solutions that ensure your organization can thrive online.

If you would like to learn more about Neustar Security Services and how we can help your enterprise, please let us hear from you.

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